Gate Check Application

Client: Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Industry: Automotive

Project Overview: Toyota Kentucky has contractors, shipping companies and freight companies on its campus on a regular basis. The Toyota team needed a way to assign the contractors and companies a pass that could be tailored to limit access to specific days, times and number of unique passes allowed on-site at one time.

Solution: We developed a gate check application with an administration control panel that allows Toyota to create passes for each individual with the ability to assign what days and times they are allowed onsite, when the pass expires, how many passes from a specific company and various other requirements. It also allows guest passes to be created by security at the gate for other edge cases. The platform also captures other information such as specifics about the vehicle, license plate number, etc. that allow Toyota staff to be able to look up info on vehicles that are on-site. Security personnel at the gate use a mobile app to scan the badge and verify access before allowing individuals onto the campus.

Technologies: AWS EC2, Drupal, MySQL, PHP, RDS, React Native

Mycotoxin Management RapiRead Mobile App

Client: Alltech

Industry: Animal Health and Nutrition

Project Overview: Alltech had a vision to perform mycotoxin testing in the field using mobile units which would make it easier for their customers to perform tests quicker and to improve the safety of their feed ingredients which would, in turn, improve the productivity of the animals which consumed the feed.

Solution: They partnered with Neogen for mobile testing hardware, and Streamline was selected to build the platform to consume the test data output from the Neogen test hardware, process the data, and provide reporting on the results. We then connected it with the client's KnowMycotoxin Secure Portal for the formation of a comprehensive field testing platform. The mobile application was named RapiRead, and it was developed to request important information such as feed matrix, location and more. A desktop application was also built to pull the data from Neogen's testing device, process it, and push it to the RapiRead cloud platform. The cloud platform then joins the RapiRead test request data with the Neogen device test results to generate reports that are sent to Alltech representatives and customers for analysis. By integrating with Neogen's testing hardware, the platform is able to provide a seamless, easy-to-use experience for Alltech's customers.

Technologies: ASP.NET, Azure, Drupal, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, React Native

Dietitian Services Platform

Client: CWC Consulting Services

Industry: Healthcare

Project Overview: Most healthcare facilities manage their nutritional calculations and record management on paper or in hard-to-manage spreadsheets. CWC Consulting Services wanted to digitize the process and hired us to build DigitalRD.

Solution: DigitalRD is a HIPAA-compliant Software as a Service (SaaS) that streamlines dietitian processes. It is used in long-term care facilities and nursing homes, allowing dietitians to work smarter and to more efficiently manage nutritional needs of their residents. Digitizing the process of tracking nutritional assessments, weight changes, skin breakdowns and other nutritional health monitoring increases the quality of residential care, monitoring of progress, and provides a time-and-money-saving strategy not previously available.

Technologies: AWS EC2, jQuery, Laravel, PostgeSQL, RDS, S3, SNS, Tenancy, Vue.js

Touch-Screen TV Application Platform

Client: dormakaba

Industry: Security Technology

Project Overview: dormakaba attends many trade shows each year and needs to stand out in a crowded environment and increase productivity of their sales efforts at the shows.

Solution: Our client, dormakaba, attends numerous trade shows each year and needed to stand out in a crowded environment and increase productivity of their sales efforts at the shows. They asked us to design and develop a touch-screen platform with the following requirements: scan attendee badges, present an interactive display of products, attract show attendees with options like a selfie camera and a spinning prize, track analytics, and send automated emails to attendees who requested more information. The platform also allows the dormakaba team to run reports after each show and update content for the next one. It has a library of conference badge scan vendors, so the badge scanning integration can be changed based on the vendor providing the API for the badge scanning functionality for the show. The screens allow dormakaba to save money by sending fewer sales and marketing team members to shows, gather attendee info from badge scanning, receive stats on attendees so their industry and product interests can be determined, and provide an entertaining experience to attendees who interact with the screens.

Technologies: AWS EC2, Drupal, MySQL, PHP, RDS, React Native

Sports Supporters Club Management Platform

Client: Tifo

Industry: Sports

Project Overview: Tifo is a startup that is developing a platform which allows sports fan/supporter clubs to manage their groups and build a communities around their favorite sports teams.

Solution: Streamline developed a platform that allows fan clubs to be created and managed by club administrators and to be found, based on geolocation, by sports fans. The platform makes it easy for club administrators to create and manage the club, manage members, schedule events, see attendants, and send notifications. It allows fans to find clubs to join, access events, upload photos, view and chat with other members, and more.

Technologies: Amplify, API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Cognito, EC2, Mattermost, PostgreSQL, RDS, React Native, S3, SNS, SQS

Axe Throwing Scoring Platform

Client: Battle Axes

Industry: Sports

Project Overview: Battle Axes, a new axe-throwing establishment, needed a way to keep score for the games played by individuals and teams at their location and to display the information on a large screen that players and visitors could easily view.

Solution: We designed and developed a waiver system to allow visitors to sign a waiver, a tablet app for pit bosses to create and assign players to teams and keep score, a back end to track and store waivers, player, team and scoring information, and a large-format screen app that displays team and individual names and scores. The platform allows Battle Axes to easily maintain and update the info and visitors to easily sign and view their scores and other info seamlessly without “being in the way” and hindering their enjoyment and experience.

Technologies: AWS EC2, Drupal, MySQL, PHP, RDS, React Native

Forms Management Platform

Client: Marine Solutions

Industry: Maritime

Project Overview: There are a series of forms that the Marine Solutions team has to fill out and maintain which help support their projects. This includes equipment loadout lists, team schedules and expenses, dive safety preparation forms, and more. The forms were cumbersome to maintain in paper format and slowed down their process.

Solution: Streamline integrated with Marine Solutions project management software, Deltek Vision, and developed a mobile application that matches form requirements to their workflow process. We also created a web-based administrative interface to allow Marine Solutions to manage the form inputs, search through form data, and print selected forms when their clients require it. This eliminated the need to maintain a physical paper trail in preparation for the inspections and allowed them to speed up their work process.

Technologies: AWS EC2, Deltek Vision, Drupal 8, Microsoft Active Directory, MySQL, RDS, React Native for mobile app

Casino Platform

Client: Churchill Downs

Industry: Thoroughbred Racing and Gaming

Project Overview: Churchill Downs Inc. wanted an updated WordPress platform for hosting its casino properties. The platform would allow code, theme and plugin sharing to lower maintenance costs, increase productivity of deploying new features platform-wide, improve staff productivity, increase reliability and scalability, and add features and functionality.

Solution: We developed a new WordPress platform with architecture that allows us to quickly build and maintain new websites for Churchill Downs, leveraging a high degree of shared code, theme and plugins. The new platform makes it very easy to deploy updates, fixes and new features. It also makes it easy to add a new property once acquired onto the platform. As it is a shared platform it also makes it easier to train, onboard and increase overall productivity of staff. With easy deployments and ability for updates and fixes to be deployed platform-wide, it lowers the cost of support and maintenance across the platform. New features and functionality have also been added across the platform for casinos to use.

Technologies: MySQL, PHP, WordPress, WP Engine

DNA MicroArray Database Platform

Client: Alltech

Industry: Animal Health and Nutrition

Project Overview: Alltech was using a 3rd-party provider to store and analyze DNA MicroArray data for their animal nutrition and health experiments. The 3rd-party was potentially unreliable in the long-term, and an internal solution that could be relied upon without disruption of normal business workflows was required.

Solution: We designed and developed a new platform to store DNA MicroArray data and to allow Alltech to search, perform analysis, and compare experiments. The platform was integrated with Alltech’s DNA MicroArray software to allow for the import of tens of thousands of rows of genetic results to be imported per experiment. The data could then be filtered based upon species to provide relevant data. The relevant data can be further analyzed including reviewing of data specifics, searching for distinct genetic data and thresholds, analyzing results, reviewing heat mapping graphs, and more. The data can also be compared across experiments to evaluate results.

Technologies: ASP.NET, Azure, C#, Microsoft SQL Server

Gun Violence Archive Web Platform

Client: Gun Violence Archive

Industry: Statistics

Project Overview: Gun Violence Archive (GVA) needed a new website platform because their current one was outdated and unable to scale to meet the demand of data entry and visitors.

Solution: We designed and developed a new website platform with a data entry form that improved GVA staff data entry so that they could enter information faster, add additional data points and improve data accuracy. The front end was improved with additional data points, filtering and better ease-of-use. The entire platform is faster and much more scalable. Auto scaling is employed to allow the platform to scale to meet the demand when events occur that cause huge traffic spikes due to cross links from major news outlets. The platform also allows for more robust and enhanced research by GVA staff and automated sharing of data for news outlets.

Technologies: Amazon AWS EC2, Drupal, MySQL, PHP, RDS

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