Allltech DNA MicroArray Database Platform

for Alltech

Project Overview

Alltech was using a 3rd-party provider to store and analyze DNA MicroArray data for their animal nutrition and health experiments. The 3rd-party was potentially unreliable in the long-term, and an internal solution that could be relied upon without disruption of normal business workflows was required.


We designed and developed a new platform to store DNA MicroArray data and to allow Alltech to search, perform analysis, and compare experiments. The platform was integrated with Alltech’s DNA MicroArray software to allow for the import of tens of thousands of rows of genetic results to be imported per experiment. The data could then be filtered based upon species to provide relevant data. The relevant data can be further analyzed including reviewing of data specifics, searching for distinct genetic data and thresholds, analyzing results, reviewing heat mapping graphs, and more. The data can also be compared across experiments to evaluate results.


ASP.NET, Azure, C#, Microsoft SQL Server

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