Churchill Downs Casino Platform

for Churchill Downs

Project Overview

Churchill Downs Inc. wanted an updated WordPress platform for hosting its casino properties. The platform would allow code, theme and plugin sharing to lower maintenance costs, increase productivity of deploying new features platform-wide, improve staff productivity, increase reliability and scalability, and add features and functionality.


We developed a new WordPress platform with architecture that allows us to quickly build and maintain new websites for Churchill Downs, leveraging a high degree of shared code, theme and plugins. The new platform makes it very easy to deploy updates, fixes and new features. It also makes it easy to add a new property once acquired onto the platform. As it is a shared platform it also makes it easier to train, onboard and increase overall productivity of staff. With easy deployments and ability for updates and fixes to be deployed platform-wide, it lowers the cost of support and maintenance across the platform. New features and functionality have also been added across the platform for casinos to use.


MySQL, PHP, WordPress, WP Engine

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