Alltech Mycotoxin Management RapiRead Mobile App

for Alltech

Project Overview

Alltech had a vision to perform mycotoxin testing in the field using mobile units which would make it easier for their customers to perform tests quicker and to improve the safety of their feed ingredients which would, in turn, improve the productivity of the animals which consumed the feed.


They partnered with Neogen for mobile testing hardware, and Streamline was selected to build the platform to consume the test data output from the Neogen test hardware, process the data, and provide reporting on the results. We then connected it with the client's KnowMycotoxin Secure Portal for the formation of a comprehensive field testing platform. The mobile application was named RapiRead, and it was developed to request important information such as feed matrix, location and more. A desktop application was also built to pull the data from Neogen's testing device, process it, and push it to the RapiRead cloud platform. The cloud platform then joins the RapiRead test request data with the Neogen device test results to generate reports that are sent to Alltech representatives and customers for analysis. By integrating with Neogen's testing hardware, the platform is able to provide a seamless, easy-to-use experience for Alltech's customers.


ASP.NET, Azure, Drupal, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, React Native

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