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UI and UX design diagram

UI/UX Design

We use interface design principles to tell your narrative.

UI: User Interface
The user interface of any web or mobile project refers to the graphical layout of the website, app or application. Think of this as all of the audio-visual elements on a given screen that can be experienced by a person. Simply put, the UI is how the project looks.

UX: User Experience
The UX refers to how a user experiences the interface created via UI. For example, is a logo presented prominently in a common place? Are the navigation options clear and concise? Are buttons and click-friendly elements obvious and intuitive? Do the design elements ensure a logical pathway to additional information? Does the experience ultimately leave users feeling satisfied? These are all questions that a proper UX process answers.

Successful UI/UX Projects
The balanced combination of interface and experience, backed by clear organizational requirements, consumer clarity, and relevant content create a scenario where success can take place over and over again.

Highlights from Our 25-Year History with UI/UX Design

  • The InnerWatch white-label app used by Toyota for managing facility access at gates.
  • The Indiana University College of Medicine website.
  • Two versions of websites for Riley Hospital for Children, which averaged around a thousand pages each.
  • A Department of Homeland Security-funded website directed towards child safety.
  • The Tifo sports supporters club management platform smart phone app.

Primary UI/UX Design Locations

Our team is fully remote, but we have core members in the four locations above. Still, since we’re remote, location isn’t critical to the success of a project. We service clients everywhere!

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