Toyota Gate Check Application

for Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Project Overview

Toyota Kentucky has contractors, shipping companies and freight companies on its campus on a regular basis. The Toyota team needed a way to assign the contractors and companies a pass that could be tailored to limit access to specific days, times and number of unique passes allowed on-site at one time.


We developed a gate check application with an administration control panel that allows Toyota to create passes for each individual with the ability to assign what days and times they are allowed onsite, when the pass expires, how many passes from a specific company and various other requirements. It also allows guest passes to be created by security at the gate for other edge cases. The platform also captures other information such as specifics about the vehicle, license plate number, etc. that allow Toyota staff to be able to look up info on vehicles that are on-site. Security personnel at the gate use a mobile app to scan the badge and verify access before allowing individuals onto the campus.


AWS EC2, Drupal, MySQL, PHP, RDS, React Native

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