TOA SE Manufacturing Line Data Capture and Reporting

for TOA SE, Inc.

Project Overview

TOA SE provides industrial controls, factory automation, and engineering services, supported by an extensive international network of resources, for over 60 years. They needed to add a second server to a client's assembly line to capture manufacturing data from programmable logic controllers (PLC), take actions based on the data captured, and provide reporting.


We reviewed the existing code base and documented changes that would be required to add another server to the line and the additional features requested. Once the changes had been reviewed and approved, the code was updated accordingly. The code was deployed to the new server remotely, and testing was done against virtual PLCs to simulate the assembly line. After passing quality assurance testing, the new server was installed in the client's manufacturing facility and monitored. The deployment was successful with no issues reported, so there was no interruption of the client’s manufacturing activities.


.NET, Microsoft C#, SQL Server

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