About Streamline


Years in Business

We opened our doors in 1999



Bill, Luther and Bill


Number of Clients

Lots! Too many to count


Service Types

Technical & business


Mobile OS Options

iOS and Android



WordPress, Drupal, C5…


Steps in Our Process

Refined over two decades



We act as more than vendors

Get to Know Us

  • A Lexington, Kentucky-based technology consulting and application development firm
  • Opened for business designing websites as NetMediaOne, LLC in 1999

  • Owners: Bill Adams, Luther Andal and Bill Antoniadis

  • We do almost as much work outside of Kentucky as in our state

  • Largest client: Toyota
  • Farthest client: London Vision Clinic (in the UK)

  • Longest client relationship: Riley Hospital for Children (21 years)

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Technology Allows Us to Work Virtually Everywhere

We have worked in nearly all major industries with web development and app experience in healthcare, education, law, construction, equine, financial services, utilities, manufacturing, membership organizations, retail, sports and others.

Today’s technologies allow us to work from our office on behalf of clients from any location around the world. The power of constant communications, screen sharing, file sharing, and project management software means a client in London is essentially the same as a client in New York, both of which are like one just down the street from our office.

Call (859) 272-7135 x5 to discuss how we can work together, or visit our contact page to send us a message.

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7-Step Process

Able Engine has defined a 7-step process that consistently produces successful outcomes, and we use this formula on almost all of our projects to ensure a quality end result.


Streamline is a forward thinking, industry leading web and back end system technology firm with employees and clients located across the USA.


Implement game-changing web and technology services to positively transform the online experiences of our clients’ customers, employees and users.


Utilize our vast technical expertise and passion to excel to become an integral part of our clients’ online and internal successes in all possible ways.


At all times we will act in a trustworthy, transparent and responsible manner to build long-term relationships and to ensure confidence from our clients.

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