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Project Overview

Link-Belt Cranes is a leader in the design and manufacture of telescopic boom and lattice boom cranes for the construction industry worldwide. Their corporate website provides detailed information about the cranes they manufacture, parts, location of distributors, news, and training material. The site integrates with a variety of back-end systems that are the source for this information. As their site was originally built many years ago, it needed to be rewritten to use a modern a design with upgraded technology.


Streamline worked closely with various departments to get a clear understanding of their existing pain points, the requirements of each department, as well as how the back-end systems need to be seamlessly integrated into a modern internationalized website. As part of the process, we modernized the design, upgraded their content management system, improved their search feature, replaced their authentication system with an industry standard specification that could be leveraged across their back-end system, and added caching performance layers to improve speed and reliability for domestic and international clients.


ASP.NET, JavaScript, OpenID Connect, PHP, WordPress

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