How to Turn Midjourney Inpainting On

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There are many tutorials on how to use Midjourney‘s new inpainting feature, but I had to dig a little bit to find out how to turn it on to make it effective. I was not obvious to me. Also, to be fair, inpainting is technically active when you load the application, but it’s not as functional without this particular series of actions.

How to Turn Midjourney Inpainting On for Effective Editing

It took me a while to figure this one out, but the answer is so simple. First, you need to have Remix mode turned on. If it’s not on, inpainting becomes a less worthwhile feature. So, how do we turn Midjourney inpainting on via remix mode? We change the settings.

How to Open Midjourney Settings

I assume you are already signed in to Discord via a desktop app or browser. Also, I assume you have access to the Midjourney server. It should (fingers crossed) work the same way in both, but I use Discord desktop app on a Mac.

Step 1: Midjourney Bot Prompt Field

When Discord initially loads, click the Midjourney Bot link in the left column. It will open a prompt field at the bottom of your screen.

Midjourney interface showing how to select Midjourney Bot

Step 2: Midjourney Bot Prompt Field

Next, click in the prompt area at the bottom of the screen, which appears like a text field for those who haven’t used it before. Enter the text /settings, click your Return key once to enter the command, and click the Return key a second time to enter the prompt. Note that you will not type anything into the prompt area to bring up your settings. But it’s important to click Return twice in order to make the settings appear.

Midjourney interface showing prompt field for opening settings

Step 3: Settings

After clicking Return the second time, you should see your settings. If the Remix mode button is off (gray background), click it to turn it on (green background). You don’t have to click anything else regarding Remix mode.

Midjourney settings showing Remix mode button

Step 4: View Upsized Image and Click Vary (Region) Button

Now you can go back to any of your upsized images to begin the inpainting process or create new ones using the /imagine command in the prompt at the bottom of the screen. Under all of your upsized image you will see options for that image. Click the Vary (Region) button to open an editor layer.

Midjourney interface showing options under upsized images

Step 5: Midjourney Prompt is Available in Inpainting Editor

When you click the Vary (Region) button, a layer opens. It includes your image, two select options (rectangle and lasso), a prompt field, and a submit button. Now you can select one or more areas of your image, change the prompt (or leave it as-is), and submit the information to revise the selected area/s of your image. Midjourney will create new images based on your selections and prompt changes, if there are any.

Midjourney inpainting interface

Conclusion of How to Turn Midjourney Inpainting On

This post explained how to turn Midjourney inpainting on. It’s great in that it’s a very easy process. However, it’s not obvious to many people how to do it. We hope this is informative.

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