Creating a Mobile App: A White Label App Called InnerWatch

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Creating a Mobile App in Vehicle Access for Secure Facilities

Our client needed a solution for managing vehicle access at its secure facilities, so we were tasked with creating a mobile app. We produced a white-label smart phone app that we called InnerWatch. After that, we customized it for their exact needs.

Project Overview

Toyota’s TMMK (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky) facility selected the Streamline team to design and develop a mobile phone app. It would be used by Toyota’s security team to manage vehicle access for that secure facility as well as others. We agreed to create a white-label option that could be customized based on their team’s requirements.

Practical Solution

Toyota’s facility in Georgetown, KY had difficulty managing vehicle access at gates. Furthermore, clarity on vehicles that were inside the gates on the grounds was problematic. Finally, they lacked knowledge of who the drivers and passengers were. So, at any given time, Toyota was manually allowing access to gates, locating vehicles on the grounds, and tracking the people within the vehicles to some degree, none of which was optimal.

The new customized app allowed for all gates to use the same system, to track significant amounts of information about vehicles and passengers, and to know when vehicles had exited.

Technical Solution

The technologies used to create the InnerWatch / customized Toyota Gate Check mobile app include: AWS EC2, Drupal, MySQL, PHP, RDS, and React Native.


Creating a mobile app for Toyota was a challenging, but rewarding project. We’re happy to have been selected for the project and look forward to continuing our relationship with one of the world’s premier auto manufacturers.

For more information on the app, go to or contact us any time with questions. We’re happy to chat any time.

Questions or Comments?

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