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Project Overview

Flyder is an AI workflow automation platform with a browser plugin that allows users to build complex workflows that execute tasks in real-time or upon a recurring schedule.


Streamline developed a platform that affords users multiple ways to leverage generative artificial intelligence to increase their productivity. Using Task Chains, users connect multiple AI tasks into a seamless chain, where each task's output feeds into the next, creating customized sequences. Users are able to draft reports, summarize content, or explore creative solutions effortlessly. They are also able to interact with the results, save favorite chains, and queue tasks for back-end processing. Workflows are a powerful upgrade to Task Chains that not only connect multiple AI tasks in sequence but also enable parallel processing, where the output of one task can feed into multiple subsequent tasks simultaneously. Advance features available in Workflows include processing of file inputs (text, PDF, Word, Excel, etc.), emailing of results, and scheduling of recurring Workflows. A browser plugin can be used to integrate Flyder tasks with any webpage, using the entire content as input to Task Chains.


Anthropic, AWS CDK, Celery, Flask, Google AI, JavaScript, LangChain, OpenAI, PostgreSQL, Python

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