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We have served

clients’ web and mobile projects for more than 20 years.

NetMediaOne, LLC d/b/a Streamline is an approved Indiana University web and mobile apps design and development vendor.

Streamline at IU

We designed and developed two complete versions of the Riley Hospital for Children website, one of which contained approximately 1,000 pages.

We helped produce the Indiana University School of Medicine website, including the UI/UX and supported the SoM team’s development efforts.

We have designed and/or developed websites, web applications, mobile apps, presentations, media, and more for a wide array of IU clients.

We are an approved Indiana University web and mobile apps design and development vendor.

Streamline at a Glance

Graphic for Services

Tech Solutions

We produce complex websites, iOS apps, Android apps, hybrid apps, software, platforms, and more.


Beyond tech projects, we offer business technology consulting and digital transformation services.

A Partner Mindset

We see projects as an opportunity to create partnerships for long-term success and happy users.

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100% Remote Since 2019

Our business is located everywhere our team members live across the United States.

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Reduced Impact

Because we’re remote, we have near zero emissions, near zero paper use, and near zero energy waste.

Safety is Paramount

We can meet, design and develop, communicate, and complete projects while working entirely remotely.

What Streamline Values


We make customers as happy as we would want to be if they served us.


We create strong client and team bonds via honest communication.


We conserve as much as possible without hurting clients or our team.


We push for bold ideas that drive our clients towards better outcomes.


We build a positive team environment and a spirit of cooperation.


We strive to limit our boundaries that hold back our team and our clients.

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