Integrations save you time and money

Integrations are a great way of leveraging other applications, services or databases. This can save a lot of time, effort, cost and redundancy. Integrations can be internally or externally.

Internal Integrations

Internally, integrating with databases that already exist or with applications that have already been built or with services that are already up and running are great ways to leverage your existing infrastructure and provide a lot of savings. An example would be leveraging a database that was built to store data, and your application only needs access to a small portion of the data. It doesn’t make sense to recreate the database when you can integrate with the database to read and write to that portion of the data in the database. This allows the data to be kept in a single location and shared across many applications. Another example would be an application that has been built with functionality that is desired in another application. Rather than recreate the functionality, a team can decrease the effort and cost by integrating with the existing application and making use of existing functionality. There are many other instances where integrating with existing systems, databases and services make sense. We are happy to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.

External Integrations

Externally, integrating with cloud services saves a ton of time, cost and effort. For instance, by leveraging a geolocation web service, an application is able to provide the feature with a fraction of the effort and time required to write the code necessary for the feature. Another example is integrating with Amazon Web Services to send email, for SMS push notifications, machine learning or any of the dozens of web services they provide. Microsoft, Google and many other vendors also provide powerful web services that allow your application or service to provide powerful features and functionality without having to develop the features yourself. Contact us today to discuss how you can integrate web services into your application.

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