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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the process of buying ads on social media networks. These ads are displayed within the social media network in placed targeted ad placements. Ad campaigns are created that specify the ads to be purchased, the criteria for targeting the ads, the budget to spend and time period for which the ads will be displayed. There are nearly infinite variables that can be chosen to target ads on social media platforms these days such as user demographic, location, content, audiences, context, engagement, etc. Time is also a factor as there are days and times that are much more effective because your audience is consuming social media during those times and not consuming it at others. Think of it like fishing, not only do you need the right bait and to choose the right location and environment but you also have to time it right so the fish are active and feeding. Social Media Marketing consultants can help you save time, money and achieve the best ROI for the budget you choose.

Social Media Marketing Experience

Able Engine has been in business for more than 20 years. From social media’s conception through to today’s complex and engaging communities we have assisted our clients with leveraging social media marketing to achieve their goals all along the way. We have worked with hundreds of clients throughout the last 20 years to improve their search engine ranking and to consistently outperform their competition over time. We have worked in dozens of industries each with their own unique challenges. Our clients range from small businesses to large fortune 500 companies in our region and throughout the world. With a strong partnership with our clients, a collaborated strategic plan and continuous incremental improvements we are able to achieve our clients’ goals and sustain them over time.

Social Media Marketing Example

Able Engine has worked with Kenwood Racing for the last couple of years on search engine marketing, search engine placement and social media marketing. Kenwood Racing has focuses in the thoroughbred horse industry and regionally is focused in specific locations often centered around a race track. We work together to purchase social media ad placements that strategically target these focuses and generate qualified leads that have the potential to turn into customers while staying within their fixed monthly budget and producing as much ROI as possible.

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