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Magento is an enterprise-level e-commerce platform.

Magento is an e-commerce platform that is enterprise-class, meaning it has the features, functionality and capability to scale up to meet the business requirements of medium and large companies.

There are two versions from which to choose based upon a given company’s needs. Magento Commerce is a paid license that includes support and many additional features and functionality, and Magento Open Source is a free license that has all the base features and functionality. Both versions have thousands of extensions (free and paid) which can be installed to extend the system with a multitude of features, functionality and integrations with other sites and services. If you don’t see the feature or functionality you are looking for in Magento’s included features or in an extension that can be installed no worries, Magento has an API that can be used to produce nearly any feature or functionality a company could require.

Magento also has a very powerful theme system with thousands of pre-built themes available (free and paid) to be installed. If a pre-built theme doesn’t meet your requirements or a completely custom theme is desired, Magento’s theme system can be utilized to develop a custom theme. For medium or large sized e-commerce sites, Magento is a great option.

Magento Development Experience

Choosing an e-commerce development firm is a crucial decision for a business, one which may be filled with a substantial amount of risk. E-commerce platforms, by their nature, are prime targets for hackers, so a development partner who understands how to secure the platform is essential.

A successful e-commerce platform also needs to be stable, easy-to-use and scalable to meet peak demands. It is also important that the platform is easy for internal staff to keep up-to-date. E-commerce customers are very demanding, with the common expectation of burden-free experiences. If that expectation isn’t met, they may quickly move to a competitor to find the experience they desire.

We have twenty years of experience working with our clients to develop websites that meet all of these requirements and more. We have developed e-commerce sites of all sizes, from those for small businesses to others with large, enterprise class e-commerce needs. Contact us today about how we can help to develop a new site or improve an existing e-commerce platform!

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